Schloss Ernegg

Schloss Ernegg is over a 1000 years old it has been in the current family (The Auerspergs) since 1656. It’s currently run by the Countess Hilda Auersperg Lee and her daughter Georgina Auersperg Newall


The Schloss is situated just above the Erlauf Valley, in the Mostviertal region of Austria.

It sits on a hillside and has great views over the golf course, surrounding woodland and countryside. It’s a secluded spot nestled in the woodlands, right next to a small river. It is quiet and feels peaceful with a sense of remoteness and being away from it all, but it is remarkably accessible.

The Castle is about an hour and half by car from Vienna airport, and apart from the last five minutes or so, most of the journey is on the motorway. The approach to the Schloss from the main road heads through farmland and the golf course.

Transfers can be arranged by the Schloss, but some may prefer to self drive.

There are 20 guest rooms internal to the Schloss, and all guests will have their own bedroom and bathroom facilities.

The Castle is heated through wood burning ceramic heaters, central heating and additional electric heaters.

There is wifi in the Bar area, and consistent 3G signal throughout.

We have lots of of possibility for work spaces. We envisage the primary spaces being the Hochzeitstafel and the fall out open space right next to it.

We can also use the bar, and there are some other spaces that are interesting, including a chapel, ‘wine making’ room, (which is sometimes used for dinners), a terrace, courtyard entrance space, and the outdoor spaces including gardens. So there’s plenty of places to shift the mood, change the space, develop thinking and reflection, for small groups, isolation and togetherness.