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    Understanding living systems can seem impenetrable. Working out how all the inter-dependencies and relationships work leads into a morass of aligned and conflicting theories and practices. Trying to make sense of how these could reasonably help in addressing workplace questions becomes even more confusing. Instead of making things better, looking at our worlds as living […]
    Heart of the Art
  • About us
    John Atkinson is a designer, architect and catalyst for whole system change. He has instigated and led projects around the world in corporate and public settings that help people design approaches that will make fundamental change to their work and lives. Emma Loftus is a researcher and writer, specialising in organisational learning and the human […]
    Heart of the Art
  • Doing Change
    Change will happen anyway, whether we like it or not. It has the potential to make the world anew. But that it’s not the change that makes the difference, but how we explore the possibility in the pain.
    Emma Loftus
  • Post Truth is Fake News
    The idea is increasingly being propagated that we live in a 'post truth' world. In truth (ha!) the stories we receive have always been partial. Sometimes our story telling is deliberately disingenuous.
    John Atkinson
  • Wicked Problems and Category Mistakes
    Certain statements about problems are likely to be rendered false or meaningless if it can be shown that the problem is actually wicked,
    Heart of the Art