Expression of Interest

We are convening a group of seasoned and senior leaders for a deep enquiry into a new approach to quality. The people we are inviting hold senior positions across different sectors, in commerce and in government, across operations, services, regulators and customers. They are coming because for all the value they have seen from existing approaches to quality, they see the limitations in what they do now. They see how it limits availability in their markets, detracts from the top and bottom line and challenges directly what it means to act ethically. Together they hope to begin a new way of thinking about what it means to design, develop and deliver high quality products and services. This is no easy fix but a re-casting of existing thought, the beginning of a shift in paradigm. We hope and expect that this conversation might lead to further exploration in the future.
The composition of the group and how we work together will determine what we might achieve together. We would therefore ask that you speak with us, in person, by Skype or by phone, to explore what you might want from joining us. We wish to explore whether this is really for you, to make sure that the design addresses the real issues that you face and thus is a valuable investment of time.

How this group forms, and how the people who form it relate to each other, is key. We ask you to consider who else needs to join us for it to be valuable. Who would you like there, who might you invite? Perhaps a peer or competitor from within your industry, a key customer or supplier, a regulator? You will know who you need there to add real challenge and difference to the conversation.

As convenors, The Phillips Kay Partnership are uniquely able to host such a conversation. We have been founders and at the forefront of understanding human organisation as a living system for several decades. We have designed, led and learned from interventions in governments, some of the world’s largest global corporations and health systems. We have conversed deeply with scientists, business leaders and politicians to help them shape research, strategy and policy that has built an enduring capacity for change in their work. We believe that in the relationship between us, a fundamentally new insight for quality can emerge based in the living systems that are our real world.

We have attached a white paper that sets a starting context and direction for the Castle Conversations. We look forward to talking with you about this work, its true nature and how we might join in this together.

The Castle Conversations: Expression of Interest